Dominicans of Avrille look for translators from French to English

Ordo Praedicatorum


The traditional Dominicans of Avrille (France), faithful to the Declaration of Archbishop Lefebvre of November 21, 1974, opened this Website to strengthen your faith, fortify your spiritual life, and to give information on the crisis in the Church and on events in Tradition. May this Website contribute to Our Lord’s glory and to the salvation of souls. Please don’t hesitate to make it known!

NOTE: Dear friends, we are in great need of French to English translators for this website. There are many good French articles which could benefit English readers, but we are very short of translators. Can you or someone you know help us? If so, please click here and contact us using the form at the bottom of that page. Thank you!

Příspěvek byl publikován v rubrice Aktuality, Bratři Dominikáni z Avrillé se štítky , . Můžete si uložit jeho odkaz mezi své oblíbené záložky.